Smart watch is personal mini-computer on your hand


Smart watch is personal mini-computer on your hand

Would you like to know what time it is? Are you waiting for an important call or message? Need quick access to the Internet? Do not look for a smartphone in your pocket or in a bag. Take a look at a smart watch on your own wrist. A complete set of tools for working with applications, communicating and finding the right information is at your disposal.

You can buy the android smart watch at an affordable price in the ZIBBOR store. The online catalog presents the latest models of wrist gadgets in a wide range. Each buyer can choose a suitable accessory with the right set of characteristics. High-quality products are guaranteed by manufacturers with a worldwide reputation.

Versions and design of Smart Watch

Which smartwatch to buy? Modern smartwatches are characterized by a variety of shapes and sizes, material type and colors. The display may be round and rectangular, color and monochrome, IPS and TFT, LCD and E-Ink. Control is realized through a touch screen or touch-sensitive buttons.

The cases are made of durable plastic or metal, anodized aluminum or stainless steel. Expensive Bluetooth smart watches contain non-ferrous metals. The bracelets of best smartwatch are made of rubber and plastic, leather and steel. Wearable devices have a different level of protection:

-from dust and moisture;

-from splashes when washing hands and bathing in the shower;

-diving to a considerable depth.

The waterproof smart watch will cost you more but you will get more usability while wearing.

While you choosing the best smartwatch to buy, the choice must correspond to the operating conditions and personal image:

-a sports variant with enhanced protection is suitable for people who are active in life;

-the simplest plastic products of bright colors will please the kid;

-solid accessories made of expensive materials will be appropriate in a business environment;

-the model with the function of replacing the straps and changing the design of the dial display will allow you to vary the style depending on the situation and mood.

Our product range includes smart watches for women with elegant design and smart watches for men with a strict appearance.

How to choose and what smartwatch to buy?

The difference in the price is determined by the number of available functions which form smart watch price:

  1. Work with apps – voice control, work with letters, SMS, messages on social networks, incoming and outgoing calls, weather, games.
  2. Notifications – calls, messages, calendar events, e-mail.
  3. Interfaces – used to communicate with other devices and network interaction. Bluetooth is required to connect to your smartphone. Wi-Fi provides access to the Internet. NFC is designed to work with electronic air payment systems. USB is needed for charging and connecting the watch to the computer.
  4. Communication – 2G and 3G technologies with SIM card support increase the device autonomy and provide direct access to the global network. Cheap smart watches have no this feature.
  5. Navigation – The GPS-module opens access to the maps and allows you to determine the current and specified location.
  6. Sports – use of watch as a fitness tracker. Track the physical condition during the day and night, the dynamics of achievements during training and the quality of sleep in different phases.
  7. Additional features – accelerometer, gyro, compass, altimeter, heart rate monitor, pedometer, vibration, light sensor, alarm clock, access to the camera and multimedia player.

As for the OS, most models represented are android smart watches, but you can choose a smartwatch for iOS if you use iPhone.

Choosing best smartwatch to buy, evaluate the relevance of certain functions in a particular situation. Do not overpay for unused functionality if you do not find the need for specific capabilities. Give preference to a model with convenient access for you to frequently used applications in daily activities.

Most devices in this category for full-time work require charging once a day. If maximum autonomy is important, choose advanced models that can hold a charge for several days. You can use best smart watches with a monochrome display and e-ink.

Where can you buy smart watches at an affordable price?

Our online store is ready to provide best prices on the market, quick delivery, and high-quality items being sold. There are a lot of models and manufacturers of phone watches, which allows you to choose the model that best fits your style. If you still cannot decide, we will help you make the right choice.

Here you can find the best smartwatch for iPhone or Android smartphone. We are working hard on the product range. As a result, you can see best smartwatches of 2018 with optimal value for money. We offer to buy a smart watch in ZIBBOR. Low-budget smartwatches are available at a low price as well as a premium-gadgets. Learn about the benefits of the android wear watch you are interested in the detailed description.

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