Buy USB cable of a high quality for all your personal devices

Usb Type C Cable

Buy USB cable of a high quality for all your personal devices

Additional accessories allow owners to unlock the full potential of the mobile device and make it easier to work with it. USB cords are produced in a very wide range of both manufacturers of mobile devices, and companies that specialize in the producing accessories for them. USB extension cables for phones are used in a variety of situations: connecting to a computer or laptop, connecting to a TV, charging.

What is the use of USB cable

Such accessories can be universal or designed for a specific device, which has its own connection interface, like some Samsung models and all Apple mobile devices. On ZIBBOR.COM you can buy USB cord for a phone of any model. We provide affordable price for most of these accessories which are universal for different models of devices. The presence of ferrite filters or gold-plated connectors may affect the price and all this ensures the optimum quality of signal transmission.

Virtually all multimedia gadgets have a USB connector. You can perform a number of functions using the cable:

-Charge the device from a network or power bank;

-Transmit data;

-Connect the device to a personal computer;

-Connect printers, scanners or MFPs.

Despite the development of wireless technologies, cable products are still in demand and in most cases, they are irreplaceable, since it allows faster charging of the device compared to a wireless charging. Wireless Charging Docks must also be connected to the network. Most often, the USB cable is used for this.

How to choose

If you take into account that all kinds of electronic devices such as smartphones, cameras and tablets PC’s are equipped with mini and micro versions of the USB-interface, then having a few spare wires is always essential. For this reason, before buying, it’s better to understand USB cable types. Today you can choose cable for USB port of one of the 2 main standards: USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.

– Standard: the USB interface of 3rd generation has its own classification by the standard, or the shape of the connector: Type-A and Type-B, Type-C. Port A is used to connect mouse and flash drives. The profile of connector B depends on the device for which it is intended. The standard wire has a connector A at one end and B on the second. Type-C is symmetrical and thin. Due to this, it is placed on the sides of the case of ultrathin devices.

-Size: standard, mini and micro USB cable. These types are implemented in the Type-A and Type-B connectors. The size of port C is comparable to USB micro B.

-Length: the bigger its length, the stronger the signal falls and speed decreases.

-the presence of a ferrite ring helps to protect against high-frequency interference;

-shielding is used for protection of electromagnetic waves against external fields.

Some smartphone and tablet PC’s support the connection of the flash drive, but for this, you need to use USB OTG cable. You can also buy printer cable in our store. A lot of models are sold with an adapter. For example, USB 3.1 Type C standard has its own connector type, so you might need an adapter to make your cable more universal.

Where to buy a USB cord

Buy the data cable you need in ZIBBOR online store. The catalog presents a wide range of products, differing in such parameters as the type of connectors, length, color, and braid. The characteristics of all cables, customer reviews, information about the price can be found on the website. Our products are reliable, durable, and high quality. We provide a range of benefits for each client:

-Reasonable prices (We work directly with manufacturers);

-Years of experience (we choose only best products for the stock);

-Individual approach to the customer (every client is important to us);

-Efficiency and Timeliness of each orders execution.

We guarantee that You’ll be pleased with the with the quality of our products. You can provide all of your equipment with quality and wear-resistant cables. On the product page, you can choose the color and length. We provide buyer Protection for each order.


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